Nichole Yanota

Nichole Yanota
About the Artist:

Iím originally from the small town of Cave Creek, Arizona, and visiting Canada was my solice from the heat of the desert. I moved to the Crowsnest Pass in 2006, confident that this area was home. In the last few years, Iíve embraced the opportunities to show my work in Montana, Alberta and British Columbia.

Iíve always been a creative person, but the extreme change in landscape really sparked the rush of inspiration and the determination to create collections of work. I began working with the theme of natureís connection to the human spirit. IĎve been exploring the union between humans and the natural world, as we find ourselves working to preserve this connection in light of our impact. This creative process helps me maintain my awareness and find optimism.

My work is done primarily in coloured pencils, which surprises many people. We all grew up using them, but for some reason, I stuck with it. Itís interesting to see what I do with the same pencils years later!

People always ask me why there are so many birds in my work, especially ravens. Birds symbolize many things: the human soul, existing between earth and the heavens, being messengers, even as fore tellers of death. There are so many ravens in this area, and I admire their intelligent, opportunist behavior. I find birds so expressive in their symbolism, language and movement.

Beyond the birds and leaves, the female figure is mainly my subject. The softness and roundness of her form allows for a fluidity in relationship with the natural elements, but mostly she provides a sensitivity to these elements. She is not an onlooker, but fits into them. She encompasses the gentle strength to energize the whole picture, the way our mothers, sisters, friends, and grandmothers do for us. The male figure is also integrated in my work as a symbol of strength, understanding, and energy.

Art has many purposes, one of them being communicating the passion in the artistís life.