"The Propitious Moment"
2 Strand Necklace
3 Strand Green Pearl Necklace
3 String Inlay Door Harp
3 String Simple Door Harp
4 String Inlay Door Harp
4 String Simple Door Harp
5 String Inlay Door Harp
5 String Simple Door Harp
66 Hand Painted Copper Clock
7 String Inlay Door Harp
7 String Simple Door Harp
812 Hand Painted Copper Clock
812P Hand Painted Copper Pendulum Clock
820P Hand Painted Copper Pendulum Clock
A Light Heart
A stroll at dusk...
Abstract Bowl 10"
Abstract Bowl 13"
Abstract Deep Bowl
Abstract Espresso Set
Abstract Large Platter
Abstract Tea Pot
Abstract Tile Clock
Abstract Vase
Abstract Wacky Bowl
Africa Button Earring
Africa Delta Dangle
After ever so long...
Alexandra Lamp
All Copper Pendulum Clock
All Fired Up
Alpine Button Earring
Alpine Delta Dangle
Amethyst Turquoise Earrings
And She Lived Happily…Cuff
Apache Button Earring
Apache Delta Dangle
Aphrodite Carnelian Drops
Aphrodite Chalcedony Drops
Aquarius Bib Dangle
Aquarius Column Dangle
Aquarius Column Pearl
Arc Earrings
Arctic Button Earring
Arctic Column Dangle
Arctic Column Pearl
Arctic Delta Dangle
Baba Button Earring
Baba Delta Dangle
Baby Raven #29
Babylon Button Earring
Babylon Delta Dangle
Barb Campbell
BC Lg Baking Dish Blue
BC Lg Baking Dish Brown
BC Med Lotus Bowl Blue
BC Med Lotus Bowl Green
BC Mug Blue
BC Pasta Bowl Blue
BC Pasta Bowl Lotus Flower Blue
BC Pasta Bowl Lotus Flower Green
BC Sm Baking Dish Blue
BC Sm Baking Dish Brown
BC Sm Covered Casserole Blue
BC Sm Lotus Bowl Blue
BC Sm Lotus Bowl Green
BC Soup Bowl Mug
Beckett Mixing Bowls
Beckett Oval Platter
Beckett Quart Pitcher
Believe in Yourself Cuff
Bella Earrings
Bella Luz
Between the Stars and Moon
Big Pine Meadow
Big Red Griz
Bird Dog
Bird Dog 2
Bird Parade
Bird Pitcher
Black 16in Pendulum Clock
Black and Copper Pendulum Clock
Black Oval Pendulum
Blanket Creek Pottery
Bless this Woman Spiral Cuff
Blue Bus Studio
Blue Flower Tile Clock
Blue Goblet Pair
Blue Heaven
Blue Moon Floor Lamp
Bluebell Adult Socks
Bohemian Blue Chalcedony Hoops
Bohemian Hoop Earrings
Bohemian Peridot Hoops
Bohemian Peridot Rectangles
Bohemian Rectangle Earrings
Bohemian Rectangle Turquoise
Bohemian Ruby Rectangle Earrings
Bohemian Ruby Tree Earrings
Bohemian Turquoise Rectangle Earrings
Bridges Ring
Brother Bear
Brown Noser
Butterfly Baby Cotton Socks
Button Earrings
Calico Juno Designs
Calla Deep Bowl
Calypso Cobblestone Necklace
Campbell 3" Cup
Campbell Blue Interior Vase
Campbell Cobalt Vase
Campbell Creamer
Campbell Creamer 1
Campbell cups
Campbell Fruit Bowl
Campbell Md cups
Campbell Small Cups
Canyon Currents
Caribbean Bib Dangle
Caribbean Delta Dangle
Carnations Adult Cotton Socks
Carnelian Earrings
Carol Hagan
Carribean Button Earring
Casserole Dish
Chalcedony Necklace
Charmed Reflections Star Necklace
Charming Cobblestone Earrings
Charming Labradorite Cobblestone Necklace
Chica Bag
Chica Blue
Chicken Baker
Circle and Square
Circle Necklace
Claireware Large Vase
Claireware Mug
Clay and Paper
Clay Bowl 3 Sided
Clay Footed Triangle Pot
Clay in Motion
Clay Lg Oval Tray
Clay Oval Handle Dish
Clay Small Casserole
Clay Wavy Platter
Claymoon Copper
Cleopatra Apatite Hoops
Cleopatra Hoops
Cleopatra Large Stone Hoops
Clover Ankle Socks
Cobblestone Cigar Band
Compositon #1
Condiment Set
Copper Branches
Copper House Pendulum Clock
Copper Sun
Corner View
Cosmopolitan Pearl Earrings
Cotton Scarf
Cottonwood and Sage
Country Blues
Covered Bridge Adult Socks
Crater Lake
Crocus Adult Cotton Socks
Cuff with Gold Wrap
Cuff with Lines Balls Texture
Cuff with Loose Wrap
Cuff with Wave Lines and Balls
Cuff with Wrap
Cupcake II
Daffodil Adult Socks
Daisy Plate
Daisy Rectangle Plate
Dancing the Lovers Waltz
Delias Destiny Ring
Delias Flower Thistle Earrings
Delias Origin Turquoise Necklace
Delias Pebble Ring Garnet
Delias Puzzle Bracelet
Delias Round Reflections Earrings
Delias Stargazer Ring
Delias Stone Ring
Delias Thompson
Delias Twilight Journey Wave Cuff
Delias Twilight Reflections Earrings
Delias Wave Cluster Wrap Ring
Delias Word Ring
Delta Dangle Earrings
Delta Pearl Dangle
Dinosaur Bone Pendant
Dirty Dog
Dirty Dog Horizon Platter
Dispersion Ring
Divided River
Double Creek Clocks
Double Creek Flowers
Double Creek Heart Design
Double Creek Pottery
Double Eternity Charmed Reflection Necklace
Double Stacked Pebble Bracelet
Double Wave Cuff with 3 Stones
Dragonfly Baby Cotton Socks
Dragonfly Bowl 16"
Dragonfly Large Plate
Drift Pearl Band
Drift Pearl Necklace
Earthstone Originals
Eclipse Arc Necklace in Sterling
Eclipse Cuff
Edge of the Forest
Eengy Meengy (Owls)
Element Blue Topaz Necklace
Element Front Turquoise Bracelet
Element Labradorite Earrings
Element Labradorite Earrings
Element Labradorite Necklace
Element Labradorite Pendant
Element Larimar and Blue Topaz Necklace
Element Pearl Spiral Earrings
Element Pearl Spiral Necklace
Element Small Fireworks Necklace
Element Turquoise Earrings
Embedded Hoops with Post
Ember Bib Dangle
Eternal Within Necklace
Ex Sm Argentum Silver & 14k Hoops
Fall Foliage Adult Cotton Socks
Fallen Monarch
Fiesta Coyote Taking a Siesta
Firebird Button Earring
Firebird Delta Dangle
Fireworks Necklace
Fish Bowl
Fish Espresso Set
Fish Platter Medium
Fish Square Platter
Fish Tile Clock
Fish Wine Chiller
Five Strand Cuff with 5 Stones
Flower Bowl 8"
Flower Plate Blue
Flower Tile Clock
Fond of you...
Four Pebbles Necklace
Framed Round Earrings
Front Cuff with Labradorite and Spiral
G. Eric Slayton
Gabriella (Purple)
Giclee Prints
Giclee Prints
Gisela Lamp
Gnome Saturn Bag
Go Confidently… Cuff
Grasslands Bib Dangle
Grasslands Button Earring
Grasslands Column Dangle
Grasslands Column Pearl
Grasslands Delta Dangle
Green Path
Grizzly Daydreams
Gypsy Bracelet
Gypsy Bracelet 2
Gypsy Ruby Earrings
Hand Painted Copper Clock
Hand Painted Copper Clock
Hand Painted Copper Clock
Hand Painted Copper Clock with Walnut Accents
Hand Painted Copper Pendulum Clock
Hand Painted Copper Pendulum Clock
Hand Painted Copper Pendulum Clock
Hand Painted Copper Pendulum Clock
Hanging Fish
He knew how much she loved..
Heart Espresso Set
Heart Nesting Plates
Heart Plate Round
Heart Plate Square
Heart Rectangle Plate
Heart Wine Holder
Heart Wrap Ring
Heron Button Earring
Heron Column Dangle
Heron Column Pearl
Heron Delta Dangle
Honeybee Baby Cotton Socks
Hyacinth Ankle Sock
I Believe in Happiness Cuff
Imp Bag in Olivia
Imp Flamingo
Inspire Necklace with Labradorite
Inspired Band with Labradorite
Isabella Earrings
Isabelle Earrings
It Will Be Alright Cuff
Jan Jacque
Jasper Pendant
Jenny Foster
Jill O'Reilly
Juneau Button Earring
Juneau Delta Dangle
Keep It Simple Cuff
Kinzig Designs
Kronos Works Clocks
Labradorite Pebble Earrings
Labradorite Pebble Necklace
Lagoon Button Earring
Lagoon Column Pearl
Lagoon Delta Dangle
Large Argentum Hoop Earring
Large Cairn Lamp Purple
Large Cairn Lamp Terra
Large Serving Bowl
Large Serving Bowl
Large Serving Platter
Large Twilight Firework Necklace
Lava Column Pearl
Leaf Pattern Goblet
Leaf Vase
Leonie Lacouette
Lg Eden Platter
Lily Ankle Sock
Lily Bag Dandelion
Linda Lamore Clocks
Linked Pebbles Bracelet
Liquid Assets
Lisa Kaser
Little Piggy
Livin Large
Long Earrings
Lotus Flower Deep Bowl
Lotus Flower Espresso Set
Lotus Plate 12"
Lotus Teapot
Lotus Wine Chiller
Love and Know Kindness
Love Pendulum Clock
Lucidity Ring
Luxe Aquamarine Drops
Luxe Drop Earrings
Luxe Peridot Hoops
Luxe Pink Tourmaline Hoops
Luxe Vessonite Earrings
Lyre Dangle Earring
Margarita Column Dangle
Marilyn Evans
Marsh Mellow Lamp
Medium Cairn Lamp Purple
Medium Cairn Lamp Terra
Medium Spiral Platter
Micah Earrings
Miller Creek
Mini Element Labradorite Necklace
Mini Hand Stamped Ring Earrings
Minnow Ring
Monsoon Runoff
Moon Flower Bowl
Moon Flower Nesting Plates
Moon River
Moon Worshipper
Moonlight Lamp
mustard tray
Narrow Black Pendulum Clock
Narrow Wire Wrap Cuff
Natures Elements
New Heart Bowl 16"
New Heart Large Platter
New Heart Nesting Plates
New Heart Oval Plate
New Heart Round Plate
Nichole Yanota
October Morning Adult Socks
On the way to somewhere wonderful
Open Cuff Ball Ends
Open Heart Front Toggle Necklace
Owl Moon
Owl Toes
Panda Button Earring
Panda Delta Dangle
Paradox Cuff
Paradox ll Cuff
Parrot Button Earring
Parrot Column Dangle
Parrot Delta Dangle
Pebble Ring with Stone
Peridot Tree Necklace
Picture Jasper
Poppy Nesting Dishes
Poppy Shallow Bowl
Price Match
Primrose Ankle Sock
Princess Chalcedony Earrings
Princess Turquoise Earrings
Pumpkin's Little Tail
Puzzle Pebble Necklace
Rainbow Necklace
Raspberries Adult Cotton Socks
Recycled Fish
Red Goblet Pair
Red Rock Runoff
Red Wolf's War Pony
Reflected Light
Reflection Teardrop Earrings in Sterling
Reflections Eternity Necklace
Reflections in Green
Relm Ring
Revolution Ring
Rickard Studio Wall Art
Rio Garnet Earrings
Robin Beckett Pottery
Rockin Red Lamp
Rodeo Button Earring
Rodeo Delta Dangle
Rose (Ruby)
Saddle Button Earring
Saddle Column Dangle
Saddle Delta Dangle
Satisfaction Found
See'n Stone Floor Lamp
Set of 3 Hammered Bracelet
She does the seemingly impossible
Shirazzz Lamp
Siren Apatite Hoops
Siren Turquoise Hoops
Sisters ... Best Friends Cuff
Sm Double Hoops
Small Cairn Lamp Blue/Green
Small Cairn Lamp Terra Twilight
Small Copper Hoops
Snapdragon Ankle Sock
Sol Mate
Spirit Cuff
Spirit Necklace
Sq Moon Flower Bowl
Square and Circle Reflection Earrings
Stacked Pebble Collar
Stardust Ring
Sterling Cuff 3 Wires
Sterling Cuff 5 Wires
Sterling Cuff Two Wave
Sterling Cuff with Gold Filled Wrap
Sterling Textured Cuff
Straw Button Earring
Straw Delta Dangle
String Bag in Dahlia
Structure Ring
Such a simple and remarkable thing...
Sun Triptych
Swedish Door Harps
Sweet Cheeks and Freckle Butt
Tall Grass Bracelet
The Beekeeper
The Center
The Collection Ring
The Dream of Flying
The passion in her ganache...
The sea was never bluer...
The Shrine
The silence was intoxicating
The Traveler
There was another one of those...
Thinking Cap Cotton
Tiny Pebble Necklace with Stone
Tiny Pebbles Earrings with Stone
Toby & Max
Torn Cuff
Torn Ring
Torrent Button Earring
Torrent Delta Dangle
Tourmaline Tree Necklace
Traveler 2009
Triple Pebble Cuff
Triple Round Reflections Y Necklace
Triple Square Reflection Earrings
True Friend…Both Hands Cuff
Tuesdays were reserved..
Tulip Adult Socks
Turquoise Coral Bracelet
Turquoise Coral Necklace
Twilight Broken Necklace
Twilight Captured Earrings
Twilight Captured Necklace
Twilight Firework Earrings with Stone
Twilight Hoop Necklace
Twilight Reflections Hoops
Twilight Shield Necklace
Twilight Wave Journey Necklace
Two Tone Cherry 16in Clock
Two Tone Cherry Pendulum Clock
Untitled #2
Victorian Peridot Drop Earrings
Victorian Ruby Loop Earring
Wall Art
Wanda Pendulum Clock - Copper
Wanda Pendulum Clock - Green
Wanda Pendulum Clock - Tide
Wave Cuff with Lines
Wedding Gifts
White Tray
Wide Domed Cuff
Widow Button Earring
Widow Delta Dangle
Wine Platter Medium
Wine Sushi Platter
Winter Button Earring
Winter Delta Dangle
Winter Solitude
Wrapped Canvas
Yin Yang Door Harp